Safinah Blasting

Dry Blasting

Technique where a mixture of compressed air and abrasive media is used for the treatment of surfaces.
Safinah Blasting

Dry Blasting

Dry Blasting is the most popular technique for surface treatment when it comes to surface cleaning or surface preparation. It does not involve the use of dangerous chemicals or grinding machines, making it very environmentally. Dry Blasting is the easiest technique in achieving a particular surface profile or required roughness.

Different types of abrasive media allow customers to treat an array of particular materials, such as metals, plastics, wood, carbon fibres, glass, etc., depending on their needs, and always achieve their desired pattern.

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Safinah Blasting has had a lot of experience serving sandblasting services throughout Indonesia. We have served various cities in Indonesia from Sumatra Island to Papua. Here are some reasons to choose Safinah Blasting as your business partner:

  • Our experience is more over than 20 years
  • Our personnel are trained, qualified, efficient, safe and properly instructed
  • Our inspector is licensed of SSPC, an International Standard – Organization of Sandblasting and Painting
  • Equipped with International standard QC tools and blasting painting equipment’s
  • We are a mobile company and can serve throughout Indonesia
  • Having the expertise and resources to under take project of all sizes

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