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Safinah Blasting, with more than 20 years experience in sandblasting

Safinah Blasting is brand service product under management of PT Safinah Laras Persada. We are leading specialist in the field of Surface Preparation and Paint Work since 1999.

Why Safinah Blasting?

There are Six Reasons for this.
  • Our experience is more over than 20 years
  • Our personnel are trained, qualified, efficient, safe and properly instructed
  • Our inspector is licensed of SSPC, an International Standard – Organization of Sandblasting and Painting
  • Equipped with International standard QC tools and blasting painting equipment’s
  • We are a mobile company and can serve throughout Indonesia
  • Having the expertise and resources to under take project of all sizes

Dry Blasting

Technique where a mixture of compressed air and abrasive media is used for the treatment of surfaces.


Protective Coating

A simple way to reduce corrosion, by limiting the exposure of the metal to a corrosive environment.


Wet Blasting

The technique of using abrasive media and compressed air to achieve the desired finish on the selected surface.


Floor Coating

Painting activities using special paint materials to protect the floor, to make it strong and durable.


Hydro Blasting

Technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking to achieve its cleaning effect.


Fire Proofing

Rendering something (a structure, material, etc.) resistant to fire, or non-flammable.

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Our Service

Safinah Blasting Service.

Safinah Blasting Workshop

We have workshop facilities to accept many kind of material from small to medium size. Located in 2 major Cities in Indonesia : Surabaya and Bekasi.

Safinah Blasting Mobile

We integrate blasting and painting by providing flexible and appropriate solutions through its mobile workforce, facilities and equipment. Our people, blasting halls, facilities and other equipment are established at our partner’s site.

Safinah Blasting Trading

As one stop shopping service, we also provide : steel material, protective paint, cathodic anoda protection, as our added value to clients.

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Safinah Blasting Office

Jl. Ikan Mungsing XI No. 20 Perak Barat, Surabaya


Safinah Blasting Workshop

Surabaya : Jl. Nilam Barat No. 43B, Perak Utara, Surabaya.
Bekasi : Jl. Pangkalan II, Sumur Batu, Bekasi


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